Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 194 - Learning to crawl

Today's first time parenting tip - Work with your baby to teach them how to crawl

My son graduated from scooting and rug burns to this wierd, rocking back and forth motion up on his arms and knees. It looks like he's going to take a giant face plant into the floor when he does it, but we're so excited (and rushing to finish off our baby proofing) that he's getting ready to start moving around.

If you're baby is almost there, or even if you just want to encourage them, here are some things you can do to help them along:

  • Place a toy or something they love playing with just in front of them

  • Hold a towel or your arm against their feet to encourage them to push off

  • Get down with them and play "tag". Try to get them to come to you or go after them

  • Hold them up on their hands and knees and support them while they work back and forth so they can see what crawling feels like

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