Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 196 - Teething

Today's first time parenting tip - Your baby's teething ordeal might be accompanied by a fever

If you ask any pediatrician, they'll probably tell you that if your baby is teething there's no medical reason that they should have a fever. But if you ask most mothers, they'll say that with new teeth, comes a new fever.

Regardless of who's right, getting new teeth isn't very comfortable. You might notice your baby trying to gnaw on more things or whining and acting generally uncomfortable. You can help him with toys that are designed to help with teething or that can be put in the refridgerator or freezer.'

And if it gets really bad, to the point where he's screaming, won't eat or sleep, you might want to break out the children's tylenol as an absolute last resort.

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