Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 241 - Moving

Alright, so I jumped the gun and said I had a reliable internet connection a little bit early. Finally, here goes.

Today's first time parenting tip - Make sure you cover all your bases if you're moving cities.

My wife, son and I are moving from Detroit to the Windy City of Chicago, and we're excited to say the least. But gone are the days where my wife and I can just pick up and head out. We've got another little one to think about, and with it comes a new checklist you've got to make sure you cover off on before you get the little one down there.

In no particular order:

  • Find a pediatrician

  • If you switch companies, switch your health care. Make sure you're covered equally well, and pay attention to what date coverages stop and start.

  • Find a daycare if both parents plan on working

  • Locate the nearest hospital

  • Pack your baby's moving box. Crib, clothes, blankets, toys, food, bottles, diapers, wipes, first aid kit, basically everything you need to survive.

  • Find a local grocery or convenience store you can run to if you're out of something

  • Find a family friendly apartment. You don't want neighbors up all night partying, and you don't want to wake up the quiet old folks with late night crying

  • Create a plan of attack for a long drive. Plan to stop every two hours at the least to get your baby out, changed, fed, etc.

If anyone has anything to add to the list, comment away!

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Anonymous michelle said...

once your baby is moblie (crawling), they don't like to be contained in a car seat. JD can stand up to 3 hours. after that it is cry and no i won't sleep locked up even if it is my nap time.

so i recommend if you can, fly the baby and one parent out. flying with the baby is sooo much easier. tip that worked for us. have baby drink bottle while the plane ascends adn desends. play until the least second and get on the plane last. and take lots of cute pictures. make sure baby is in the cutest outfit they own.

12:28 AM  

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