Friday, October 20, 2006

Day 242 - Separation

Today's first time parenting tip - Whether you're around or not does affect your baby's disposition.

After I accepted the new job in Chicago, I moved down there ahead of my wife and son, so that she could get the house ready to sell, and I could set up shop down in Chicago. I came back every weekend, and every weekend it seemed like he grew up a little bit more, and that I was missing out on something.

Then my wife started saying that our son would cry more if she set him down, or he'd be fussier in general, or he'd want to be right next to her if he was on the ground playing.

And you thought babies didn't notice things.

Even when we were reunited, he wasn't the same. He preferred his mom more, he didn't want to be left, etc. But after a month or so, he slowly worked his way back to normal. Getting back in his regular routine with mom, dad and day care helped. It seems whenever we break out of that (i.e. thanksgiving weekend) he gets crankier, easier.

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