Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 289 - Ready, Set Draw

Today's first time parenting tip - Get out some non-toxic crayons and make some art

How early is too early to introduce your infant to crayons? I'd say go for it as soon as they learn how to manipulate object with their hands. (As in, everything doesn't immediately go for the mouth.)

Drawing is a great way for your infant to expand his creativity and connect his actions to an effect. Once he figures out that by putting crayon to paper he can make colors, look out!

Get some nice fat, non-toxic crayons that are easy to grab and play with. For the first few attempts, try cardboard instead of paper. It'll still take color, and it'll be less likely that your baby will get more interested in ripping what he's drawing on.

Help your baby draw his first few strokes. At first he won't know what's going on, but after a few tries (or sessions) he should get the idea. You could also try sitting across from him and drawing something too. Babies are suckers for imitation.

If your baby is old enough, have them proudly present their work of art to mom, dad or another family member. An appreciation for accomplishments and creativity will go a long way in boosting their self-esteem.

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