Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day 290 - Pack Pen and Paper to the Pediatrician. Whew.

Today's first time parenting tip - Before you head out to the doctor, pack a pen and paper

Do you really want to forget the instructions your pediatrician gives you? Fixing it is easy, just take a pen and paper. Throw one in the diaper bag and keep it in there. There will be lots of times when you need to write down important pieces of information, not just at the doctors.

You can also jot down your questions for the doctor beforehand as well. So as you think of all the things you want to know in between well visits, you can create a running list of Q's you need the doctor to answer.

Then, when you're in their office, you've got your list and reference tool close by. It'll cut down on calls back to the nurse and your baby will be a whole lot better off with a medically informed parent.

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