Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day 293 - Bundle Up

Today's first time parenting tip - Cover up all exposed skin in the bitter cold

If anyone else lives in the Midwest, you know that right now we're in the midst of a ridiculously cold spell. It's so cold that my hair, still damp from the shower froze solid when I went outside.

This kind of weather is dangerous, not only for adults but especially for babies. Skin can dry out and crack, colds and pneumonia can strike and little extremities can get frostbit.

While overdressing your baby is a danger, it never hurts to be too careful when there's a wind chill of negative 20. Your baby shouldn't be outside longer than it takes to get to a car. Playing outside and going for walks are out of the question.

To keep your baby safe in the bitter cold:

  • Warm up the car before you head outside

  • Dress your baby in multiple layers of clothing, so you can peel off and add as needed

  • Make sure your baby is wearing a coat, hat, shoes and gloves if they have to go outside

  • Cover their face with a blanket when outside to protect their face and lips

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