Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day 307 - Play Hide and Seek with Your Baby

Today's first time parenting tip - Play games of hide and seek with your baby

Want a good way to have fun with your infant, develop their memory and improve their understanding of objects in the world, all in one shot?

Playing hide and seek games with your child is the answer. By showing them an object or a person, and then hiding it somewhere to let them find it, you're improving their ability to understand the physical presence an object has in the world.

Here are some fun games you can play:

  • With people. Hide behind doors and furniture. Peek out at them and watch them laugh

  • With cups and a ball. Hide a ball under some opaque cups or bowls and have them guess which one it's under

  • With your infant. Playing peek-a-boo is always a classic

  • With some sheets and some toys. This is a little more advanced, but you can put some toys with a unique shape under some sheets and ask them to find what you ask for.

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