Sunday, January 07, 2007

Day 321 - Turn Ripped Out Pages into a Memory

Today's first time parenting tip - Save the pages your baby rips out of books for a collage

I don't know why we give my son books with paper pages in them. Most of the time, he likes to look at the pictures, on his own or with us. If it's an animal book, he'll make lion roars or monkey noises.

But every so often he gets in a destructive mood or turns the page too hard and RIP! out comes the page of one of his favorite books.

Are the books ruined? Should you throw them away? Nope. If you want to preserve the books, buy cardboard ones. If he's already ripped up a few paper ones, keep those books out. What's the worst he could do, rip out another page?

You can turn all those ripped pages into a lasting memory. Keep them all. Once you've got a good stack, here's what you do.

Make a nice collage of all the pages. Since baby books have lots of colors and different looks, you should have a good variety to put together. Glue them down to some cardboard or posterboard.

When you're done, you can buy something like Hasbro Puzzle Saver to preserve your creation until the end of time. Then you can frame it up and have a great piece of artwork for their room.

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