Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 331 - 1st Birthday Ideas Part 2 - The Fun

Part 2 - The Fun - Part of the 1st Birthday Ideas Series

Today's first time parenting tip - Throw fun games centered around your baby to keep people entertained

You've got the food for your what will people do after the meal is over? This is where parties can get very extravagant, very fast. I've heard of some parents getting limos and a hotel for the 1st birthday, which seems a little too much like a case of "keeping up with the jones'."

If your creative, you can have a lot of fun on a small budget. My wife and I are planning to play a game where we print off lots of pictures of our baby's 1st year of life with the people who are going to be at the party. Then everyone has to guess how old he was in each picture.

A friend of mine had one of those big moonwalk inflatables at her daugther's first birthday, which was great because there were lots of other little kids there and her daughter was old enough to take part and have fun. Plus I think it was only a hundred bucks.

Keep any entertainment simple, with as little set up and tear down hassle as possible. Do something your baby will actually enjoy. A field trip out to the zoo for their 1st birthday would be a wonderful idea too. Anything that gets your baby happy and excited will keep your guests happy, because after all, your infant is the one they came to see.

Anyone else got some fun ideas for a first birthday party?

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