Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 332 - 1st Birthday Ideas Part 3 - The Gift

Part 3 - The Gift - Part of the 1st Birthday Ideas Series

Today's first time parenting tip - Get your baby something fun, and something practical for their 1st birthday

Your baby is turning one, and especially if he's the first baby in the family, he's going to get spoiled. How do you keep people from going overboard and inundating your baby with gifts.

There are a couple ways you can go. When you send out the invites, you can specify that no gifts be brought. That way its all about spending time together and not about who can get the most or the biggest gifts for you baby.

But now that they're a little older, part of the fun is watching them get all excited ripping off wrapping paper. It doesn't matter what's inside, infants just seem to love ripping things apart regardless.

Another way to handle gifts is to specify that gifts are optional and limited to one fun gift, and one practical gift. This way you won't get a million plastic toys that they'll never play with.

Clothes, savings bonds and other baby necessities go a long way still. Those types of gifts will probably get a lot more use, and your baby isn't old enough to feel gypped that he got another sweater for his birthday.

And this way you also let people show their fun side and really search for that perfect fun gift.

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