Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day 346 - How to Buy the Right Size Clothes for Your Baby

Today's first time parenting tip - Buy clothes for your baby based on weight, and buy a size up

Here in the States, the size standard for baby clothes goes by month. We've never been able to use this system because our son was so large when he was born. He was into "6 month" clothing right out of the gate!

A better way to buy clothes if you've got a baby on the heavy or light side of the spectrum is to buy based on weight. Sometimes stores like Target have a handy chart right there in the store, sometimes they don't.

In case they don't, here's a chart for you to take to the store. And within this, sizes can vary from brand to brand. And if your baby is closer to the next size up than he is the next size down, you might want to buy a size bigger to let him grow into it. Chances are at this age that he'll outgrow it before he wears it out.

See the Chart

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