Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 337 - 9 Things You Can Do For Free with Your Baby

Today's first time parenting tip - Take advantage of the freebies you get when your baby is young

What's the best part about having a baby? Is it the unconditional love? The innocent laugh? The hugs?

Nope! It's all the freebies you get to take advantage of because your baby is under 2. Kids only get more expensive with age, so cash in while you can. There are lots of fun activities, and practical ones, to do with your baby free of charge.
  • Fly on an airplane
  • Take the train or bus
  • Visit a theme park or water park
  • Go to the community pool
  • Stay at a hotel
  • Eat at some restaurants
  • Visit a museum or aquarium
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Go to a sporting event (and usually get some kind of swag)
What else do you know of that you can do for free if you're still in diapers?

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