Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 336 - Pampers Vs. Huggies

Today's first time parenting tips - Pampers are the best kind of diapers for preventing bowel blowouts. Every bit as disgusting as it sounds.

Usually I'm pretty brand agnostic. If there are two biggies out there, like Coke and Pepsi, or McDonald's or Burger King, I switch between the two pretty freely. There's rarely a discernible difference that makes me want to pick one over the other.

Maybe you're thinking the same way about diapers. Which one to choose? Huggies or Pampers? Both probably the same, right?

Wrong. We bought a box of Huggies instead of the usual Pampers (we usually buy based on coupons or sales, and Pampers just always seems to be cheaper). We've never had a problem with bowel blowouts (no explanation needed), chafing or discomfort before.

Once we threw those Huggies on, we got all three. Stuff would leak, his legs would be red and raw, and sometimes he just seemed generally uncomfortable. I don't know why it was or what's different, but there was a definite change from one brand to the other.

Now he's back in Pampers, and he's back to normal. So if you're trying to choose between the two and want a recommendation from me, I say Pampers.

Anyone else had a similar or different experience?

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