Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 347 - Your Baby's First Haircut

Today's first time parenting tip - Whether you cut your baby's hair yourself, or have a barber do it, safety is number one

My son doesn't have a ton of hair, but even now after a year it's getting pretty shaggy. And when I think of him getting a haircut, all I think is - scissors...near the face...not a good idea.

But there are safe ways to do it. If you take him or her to someone else to do a haircut, make sure they're comfortable cutting young infant's hair. Hopefully they have a pair of safe scissors that won't poke or cut if your baby turns his head quickly or squirms (which they will). The person should also be very patient, because it'll take longer than a typical haircut.

Another option if someone else does it or if you do it is with an electric razor with a guard on it. This way you don't really have to be exact, and if they move around they won't end up poking or cutting themselves. It does make noise, which might freak out some kids.

Ultimately, if they're not going to let you do it, they're not going to let you do it. Nothing wrong with having a shaggy set of locks while they're young.

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