Monday, February 05, 2007

Day 350 - Family Traditions

Today's first time parenting tip - Be sure to have some family traditions, they're the things memories are made of

If you asked me what I remember most about growing up, I'd tell you I remember the yearly family vacations. I remember the way the excitement I felt every year when we'd go up north to Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore for a day every year. I remember walking to the ice cream store down the street with my grandma and grandpa and getting peanut butter cup flurries.

A co-worker remembers the snack of cheeses and caviar his parents would have out so well, he named his blog after it. Think back on your childhood traditions. You probably remember them fondly, and they're probably some of your best memories.

Now that you're a parent, it's time to create you own traditions. It's the routine and familiarity that being with family provides that makes traditions so memorable. Come up with a couple that are unique to you, and your child will look back on his childhood and smile.

Some ideas for traditions are:

  • Pizza night

  • Game Night (every week one family member gets to pick the game)

  • Big birthday or Sunday breakfast

  • Pajama Day

  • Family outing day (zoo, museum, etc.)

  • Story time

  • Camping trips out of town or in the backyard

  • Water balloon wars for Father's Day

  • Beach trips

  • Smores night

As you can see, you can turn just about anything into a family tradition.

What traditions does your family have?

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