Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 18 - Pet Jealousy

Today's Tip - If you have a pet, watch them and play with them.

Our dog couldn't have reacted better when we brought our newborn home. She's motherly, protective, and very gentle around the baby. Even so, she's extremely needy and attention starved, and whenever we leave her home alone now she chews up something different - dirty diapers (gross), bottles, jumpers, paper, etc.

We have to send her into her crate whenever we leave, and I'm sure to watch her carefully around the baby. Even the most well behaved pet can do something out of character. Some things you can do to lessen the effects of jealousy when you bring home a child to a pet include:
- Play with your pet first when you come home
- Interact with your pet while you're attending to your infant
- Encourage pet and child play, but supervise it. Praise the pet frequently



Anonymous Gale said...

If you have a dog and you are bringing a baby into the house, you do need to exercise caution.

Some professionals suggest a doll will help - but dogs rely on their sense of smell and a dolls smells of plastic, the same as many of their dog toys!

There is a good book on it called How To Prepare Your Dog For Your Baby by John Wade.

You can get it at

Sorry if you do not like links, please feel free to take it out but the book is highly recommended.

Best wishes,


5:17 AM  

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