Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day 82 - Stay seated please

Today's Tip - Sit your baby up to help his stomach muscles

It used to be an old wives tale that sitting a baby up was bad for them, but its actually very good for their muscle development. Our baby likes to sit up after he eats, and if we prop him in the corner of the couch he can focus on a toy in between his legs. He's starting to try to grab for things and that'll help his motor skills too.

We also found the coolest seat in town for a baby. It's called a Bumbo. It's basically a foam seat that makes sure they sit up straight. You just wedge them right in there and (as long as they like it) they won't tip over. You can also use it for a portable high chair so you don't have to lug anything around. It seems to all be one piece too...which spells easy cleaning.

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