Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 84 - The Big Move

Today's Tip - Make any new sleeping environments as familiar as possible for your baby

Tonight was the big night, our son graduated from sleeping in our room to his own "big boy" crib that my grandfather made for us. Since we had him sleeping in a play yard and the crib mattress was foam, we figured the switch wouldn't be seamless. But tried to keep as much the same so that he didn't revert back to his 4 wakings a night from the 1 he's at now. We made sure to:

  • Swaddle him like we did when he slept in the play yard

  • Use the sleep positioner he slept on in the play yard

  • Moved the white noise maker from our room into his

  • Put his crib in a corner away from light, just like in our room

  • Kept the bedtime routine the same - bath, change into PJs, eat, relax with music and a bedtime story

He woke up once more than usual, which I was pretty happy with. Since babies are such creatures of routine, if you do switch something on them, make sure to keep as much the same as possible. And if you can't figure out what's wrong, ask yourself, "What's different?"

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