Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 108 - Mix it In

Today's Tip - Try mixing medicine into 1 oz of milk to get your baby to take it (check with the pediatrician first)

Whenever we tried to give our son amoxicillin, he'd scrunch his face up, spit it out or throw up his entire previous feeding altogether. I think that nasty bubble gum as medicine taste did him in. (Made me sick just to smell it).And when we gave him children's Tylenol, he'd sometimes spit it out or hold it in his mouth and drool it out.

Our pediatrician suggested mixing the amoxicillin into an ounce of his milk and feeding it to him. It worked fine and he has no problems keeping it down. Don't mix it into more, if they don't finish the feeding then you really have no way of gauging how much they got or giving them the rest. And, you should ask your pediatrician before trying it. She said amoxicillin was fine to do, but I'm sure there are drugs you shouldn't do this with. Just check to be safe.

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