Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 110 - Lather Up

Today's Tip - Slap some sunscreen on your kid before you take them out in the sun

Yeah, yeah. No one wants to be that "overprotective" parent that puts their kids in long sleeve shirts and pants in the middle of summer, topped off with a sun hat, sunglasses and a coconut nose of sunscreen. But just one bad burn can increase the chance of skin cancer later on, so I think your kids will probably forgive you for any embarrassment you subjected them to when they were four months old, especially since they won't remember it.

Any super long periods in the sun (baseball games, the beach, etc.) you should make sure skin's covered up and that they are in the shade for a majority of the time. There are light-weight clothes out there specifically designed to block the sun and keep your kid cool at the same time. Sunscreen isn't an opaque layer between your infant and the sun. And it wears off. For shorter periods outside (walks, playtime outside for a half hour or so), throw on some sunscreen and try not to have any one area in direct sunlight for too long.

As far as picking sunscreen, waterproof is always a must at the beach. Pick one with a healthy spf, 30 or higher. And if you want to save money, go generic. The protection is the same, but it just might not smell or feel as good. It's your call.

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