Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 116 - Make the Most out of Playtime

Today's Tip - Pay attention to your baby's mood to get the most out of playtime

As much fun as babies are, they aren't always in the mood to play or be "ooh'd and ahh'd" at. Whatever you do when playing with your child, you should definitely pay attention to his moods so that he gets the most enjoyment and benefit out of it. For instance, my son's routine is wake up from a nap, get a diaper change, eat, have active play where he's free to explore a play mat or the ground on his own, active play with my wife and I, then some quiet reading or "conversation", and by that time he's usually ready for another nap.

You can tell if your baby is ready to be done with whatever you're doing when he starts fussing or looking away. Take his cues and follow them. It'll also help them get into the routine of being active when they wake up, and then wind down for a nap.

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