Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 114 - Can't Take the Heat

Today's Tip - Warm up bottles under running warm water

It's a lot easier to use microwaves to heat up bottles, but if you do that there could be hot pockets in the milk that can burn your baby's throat. You can use the microwave if its an absolute last resort and your baby won't take it cold, but be sure the check the temp every few seconds and swirl the milk around to make sure it heats evenly. Using the microwave also isn't recommended because the nutrients break down.

The preferred method is to run it under hot water, and you can run it into a dish or container to hold the hot water around the bottle longer. This takes longer but it's much safer. To check the temp, drop a little milk on the inside of your forearm. Your hands are less sensitive than your arms and if something is too hot it might not register on your arm.

You could also buy a bottle warmer for the purpose of heating up a bottle. The Quick Serve bottle warmer from The First Years is a good bet.

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