Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 115 - Sleep Positioner

Today's Tip - Ditch the sleep positioner once your baby can roll over

When your baby comes home from the hospital, you'll definitely want a sleep positioner to keep him from thrashing onto his stomach and becoming a victim of SIDS. But once he starts to roll over on his own, with strength, the sleep positioner could be dangerous. Since it's probably soft material, his face could sink down into it and make it hard for him to breathe, suffocating him.

The sleep positioner we have has two velcro "humps" that go along the baby's side. They've got velcro on the bottom, so we put down a blanket in his crib, put the humps on either side of him with the cushy bottom of the sleep positioner gone. That way if he happens to roll over its onto the hard foam of his crib and his face won't sink into it.

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