Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 132 - What to look for in a car seat

Today’s Tip – Check the height and weight limits on your car seat

Most states have strict laws when it comes to kids and car seats – and they should, its definitely a safety issue. You don’t want to be splattered all over the news like Britney Spears for giving junior an early driving lesson.

There are a lot of car seats out there that are very flexible, meaning they’re a rear-facing infant seat, forward-facing toddler seat and a booster seat all in one. More than likely, you can use it for the whole time your child needs to be in a car seat. Pretty convenient.

Others cover certain weight ranges and heights, so you’ll need to buy more than one as your child gets bigger. Sometimes sooner than later. For instance, my son is a giant and is already 18 pounds and 27 inches long, so he already outgrew the one we bought him. Most people don’t have a football player for a baby, so most will be fine up until around a year old.

Something else to think about when you’re buying a car seat is portability. You’ll probably be carrying him around in it, so you want something that carries comfortably. And sometimes you can just buy the bottom “boot” separately, so you don’t need to buy two car seats if you have two cars. The big, 3-in-1 seats usually don’t come with this, so you’ll have to buy two or deal with reinstalling the seat every time you want to switch cars.

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