Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 133 - Grabber

Today's Tip - Let your infant explore things with his hands

Lately my son has learned that he can grab for lots of stuff. Hair, loose skin, noses, food, pretty much anything that catches his eye. And its important to let him. Touch and getting a sense that he can interact with things in the world is an important skill that'll help them develop at this age.

Introduce them to as many different feelings and sensations as possible. Let him hug a big fuzzy teddy bear. Get their hands into their food and let them mash around with it. Hold your cold can of pop (the bottom, metal at the top is sharp) up to their palms. You control what they touch and feel right now, so make sure everything is safe, and be sure they can't fit anything in their mouth. Because that's exactly where its going to go.

And you shouldn't be disciplining babies at this age, so don't get mad at them if they go for something they shouldn't. Take it away and make sure they can't get it again. Getting mad won't help them learn and it'll just stress you and them out.

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