Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 197 - Fresh Fruit

Today's first time parenting tip - Give your baby a taste of fresh, real fruit if he's not a fan of the strained variety

Our son doesn't really seem to like fruit all that much, and judging by his reaction, we thought maybe it was because of the taste of the stuff. So we decided to maybe try letting him try fresh fruit, hoping that he might like the lighter taste a little bit better.

But since he doesn't really have taste, how could we give him a taste of real fruit without him being in danger of choking? Mesh feeders. They're these little mesh bags that you can put fresh or frozen fruit in. Your baby sucks or gums on them, and they get the juice and very small pieces of pulp over time. Plus they've got handles, so they can get the feel of picking something up and putting it in their mouth. And with frozen fruit, it gives him something to gnaw on when he's teething.

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