Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 224 - Mix it in

Today's first time parenting tip - Mix your baby's multivitamin in with formula, his food if he's used to the taste of solid food

A few months ago I wrote about mixing amoxicillin in with milk to get your baby to drink it. The same stategy applies to the multi-vitamins you give your baby, since those taste and smell even worse than amoxicillin. At least the anti-biotic smells like bubble gum.

But at this point you're probably in the midst of teaching your baby to eat solid food. If he's picky or you're introducing a new food, don't mix the vitamins in with it. Simply because the taste might put him off and you don't want him being fussy about solid food because of the vitamin taste.

Better to put it in his milk or formula, which he's used to and will dillute it more. And if he's used to solid foods and eats them no problem, feel free to mix it in at will.

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