Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 225 - Hold Steady

Today's first time parenting tip - Stay close at hand when your baby is learning to pull up.

Your baby may look steady, like he's got everything under control when he's standing there holding onto a table or your living room couch. But his sense of balance and position in the world are, well, infantile.

He won't think twice about pushing of and falling straight backwards. Even though it might be onto carpet, he could still hurt himself. And if he bangs his head on anything on the way down, well, that's not a good situation either. Once he gets up, he might not know how to get back down safely. I've seen my son try to do a face plant right into the floor on a few occasions when he dropped the toy he was playing with up on the couch.

That's why you've got to keep as close an eye as you can on your baby when you're playing with them and they're pulling up onto things in your house. If you're looking for a way for them to stand and play without surpervision, get an exersaucer. But even that should be used part of the time, otherwise they won't learn how to stand and balance on their own.

They need practice, and they also need you there every step of the way.

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