Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 226 - Clear Ears

Today's first time parenting tip - Keep your baby's ears clear of water and fluid

Got a baby that seems to be having lots of ear infections? Is their speech not developing as fast as it could? It might be Glue Ear, a condition where thick and sticky fluid builds up in the ear. Or, the ear canal could be shaped incorrectly, causing any fluid to rest against the eardrum, promoting more infections.

Ear tubes might be necessary if these conditions persist, to equalize the pressure in the middle and inner ear. You can help reduce the chance of infection and fluid build up in their ears by making sure fluid and water don't build up in their ears.

You should clean your child's ears with a q-tip, but they do make special swabs designed to clean the ears of small children. Ear plugs and extra care to make sure water doesn't get in their ears during bathtime or swimming are also a must.

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