Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 260 - Pack Powder and Water Separately

Today's first time parenting tip - Pack a bottle of formula powder and water in separate bottles to be ready no matter where you are.

Something that's helped my wife and I out a ton in the weeks following all stoppage of breastmilk is to pack our bottles of formula separately. Instead of taking a bottle pre-made, only to have it go bad before we can even feed the kid, we pack a bottle with powder in it, and one with water in it, pre-measured.

This way, if we need to feed him somewhere there isn't any water, we've got all the supplies ready for us at room temperature. This was a problem with breastmilk, because we had a little cooler and there wasn't always a way to warm the stuff up.

It's also an easy way to help out the babysitter. By now, we're all probably seasoned veterans at formula, diapers, and the like. Someone who isn't around kids a lot might feel intimidated by measuring and mixing formula. (I don't know, maybe not). But this way all they have to do is combine the two bottles and shake.

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