Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day 261 - Watch Your Language

Today's first time parenting tip - Stop using words that you don't want your child to use before they start speaking.

Remember in the movie "Meet the Fockers", where Robert DeNiro is dead set on helping the little kid learn his first words, and Ben Stiller inadvertently gets him to swear his first syllables?

Kids are more perceptive than you might think. I have a feeling quite a feel people talk or act in a way they wouldn't want their child to act well after they're old enough to at least observe what's going on.

Even though your baby might not have said his first word yet, he's listening. He's learning. And whatever you say, he's thinking and babbling all in an attempt to say the same things you are.

So double check yourself and make sure you want the little ears in the room to hear what's going on. It might not necessarily be profanity. You might be calling another driver stupid for cutting you off.

Picture everything you say coming out of your child's mouth. Would you tell them not to say it? Then you probably shouldn't say it either. Whether or not what your saying is right or wrong, they'll imitate it.

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