Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 294 - Traveling at Night

Today's first time parenting tip - If you've got a long drive with your baby, make it at night

Once your baby is moving around, they probably don't like to be restrained very much. So long car rides can quickly turn from a Sunday drive into a screaming drive.

If your baby gets antsy when they're in the car for long periods, try timing your trip to begin right when they go to bed. Take them through their normal bed time routine, but instead of laying them down in the crib, put them in the car seat and head out.

They should have no problem falling asleep, and will probably stay that way (our son does) until their normal wake up time.

Of course, if you have trouble staying awake at the wheel during the night, maybe it's a good idea to have a screaming child in the car to keep you alert.

Another strategy is to try and time the trip to begin right after they wake, have some food and get a diaper change. That way they're as happy as possible and can amuse themselves by looking out the window or playing with something in the backseat for a while.

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