Monday, December 25, 2006

Day 308 - Play Kick Instead of Catch

Today's first time parenting tip - Play kick the ball rather than catch the ball

At 10 or 11 months, your baby probably won't get the hang of playing catch. Our son mostly just watches the ball come towards him as we roll it along the floor, it'll hit him, he'll laugh and then pick it up. He enjoys it quite a bit, but what he loves even more is to kick the ball.

Since he can walk around pretty well and cruises on furniture like there's no tomorrow, he likes to walk with the ball in front of him and follow it all around the apartment. Another fun game we do with him is pick him up by both arms and swing him low to the ground so his legs whack the ball all the way across the room.

Just like his soccer playing mom, he likes kicking better than catching. And it's another great way to help him develop physical coordination and work those big motor muscles. And if he ends up like David Beckham, 250 million would put us in a pretty nice retirement home.

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