Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 333 - First Birthday Ideas Part 4 - The Thank You

Part 4 - The Thank You - Part of the First Birthday Series

Today's first time parenting tip - Make easy, hand made "thank you's" by your baby

The party's over, the food was a hit, everyone had a blast and you got some great, practical and fun gifts for your baby. What's the best way to say thank you to the special people who came to his 1st birthday?

You can easily help your baby make hand made "thank you" cards that mean a bit more than just paper and ink. Here's how you do it.

Buy enough blank thank you cards to send one to every guest. Don't just send one to the people who brought gifts, send one to everybody who showed up. They made your baby's day special just by their presence, and that deserves thanks enough.

Get some non-toxic paints. Remember the ones we used for Valentine's gifts?. Those will work here too.

Put your baby in a high chair or the bathtub in just his diaper (you don't want paint on his clothes) and put some paint on each of his hands. Give him the cards one at a time, letting him put his prints all over the cards.

Repeat with a couple different colors if you want to, or keep it simple with one. Once they've dried, write a simple, short note thanking the person for coming, and for the gift if they've brought one.

As an added touch, you can include a picture of your baby playing or using the gift they got from that person.

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