Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 353 - How to Treat Frostbite

Today's first time parenting tip - Use your own body heat or water a few degrees warmer than body temperature to treat frostbite

We just escaped a bitter cold spell here in Chicago, but it's still February and I'm not holding my breath. Even though your infant probably isn't outside that much if its bitter cold, if temps are chilly and they're outside for what seems like a short time, their fingers and toes can get frostbit.

Frostbit skin looks white to yellowish-gray, and is often cold to the touch. If you think your infant has frostbite, you should get them to the hospital as soon as you can. Until you can get there, you can start the gradual warming process.

First off, get your baby out of the cold and into a warm room. Don't place them next to an oven or another heat source, it can actually burn the skin and cause more damage.

The best way to gradually warm them up is by using your own body heat. Hold their skin against your skin, or cup the frostbit fingers or toes in your hands. If you want to submerse the affected area in water, make sure it's a few degrees above body temperature and no more. Heat the water back up as it cools down past 98 degrees.

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