Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 262 - Stories That Move Your Baby

Today's first time parenting tip - Add some movement to story time and act out as much as you can.

Do you read to your baby? Great! Now, do you also act out the story? Chances are, probably not. I think we all feel a little silly acting outside what's considered normal. But put yourself in the shoes of your baby. Which is more fun?

Next time you and your baby are sharing a story, add some life to it. Bounce them every time you count the number of things on the page. Sing the alphabet song. Make all the animal noises you see. Tickle them and laugh with them when something silly happens in the story.

And perhaps the most fun of all, talk in weird, wacky voices for every character. Pretend the book is a movie, and you are playing all the roles. Everyone has to sound many voices can you make.

You'll probably look goofy. After all, if you were good at voice over you'd probably have a career in radio. But your baby won't care. Story time will be that much more fun, and its a great activity you can share together.

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