Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 263 - Something for the Road

Today's first time parenting tip - Have a few toys in the car for your baby to play with.

Unless your baby is amazingly smart, patient, or you happen to be lucky enough that they still fall sound asleep in the car, you don't need this tip. For the rest of us who have babies that like to move, shake and squirm, getting strapped into a car isn't too much fun.

What could they possibly do back there? We've got a car mirror our son loves looking into. We also keep some toys out in the car that we can give him as soon as he hits the seat to minimize the screaming and wailing that would otherwise ensue.

Cardboard books, rattles and medium sized balls are all good choices because they're fairly easy to hang onto, and if they get chucked across the car (and they will) it's not impossible to find them again.

We also had a little music player that played pooh songs for our son, and he loved to hang onto that and listen to music. But it fell down between the seats into oblivion and now we can't find it. Maybe that's one we should have kept an eye on.

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