Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 111 - Rolling around

Today's Tip - Keep an eye on where your kid can roll into

When your baby starts rolling around, he's going to throw his body around with absolutely no regard for his safety or where his open mouth could end up. My son's rolled into a mess of dog hair, under the fridge, into a chair, among other things. When you set him down, wedge something on either side of him (like blankets or a Boppy) if you don't want him to move. Otherwise, make sure that he's got clearance for about three feet on either side of him in case he decides to do an alligator death roll. And always keep an eye on him, don't leave him alone in a room.

Some possible trouble spots could be steps, wheere a rug turns into hardwood, the couch, a bed, table legs and chair legs, pets, dust or pet hair, metal grates, rough surfaces, to name a few.

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