Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 134 - Fourth of July Safety

Today's Tip - You can never be too careful with fireworks

You'd think most people would know that infants and fireworks don't mix...but apparently my neighbor didn't get the memo. I saw her standing five feet away from a roman candle with an infant in her arms...so this post goes out to you, for the sake of your baby's eyebrows.

  • Keep your baby well away from the fireworks. Don't worry, they should be able to see the bright explosion and hear the loud screaming noise from across the yard

  • Don't let babies or small children hold sparklers, smoke bombs or other fireworks

  • Never light a firework while holding an infant

  • For your own safety, make sure fuses are long enough and that the firework is pointed away from you

  • Never set off "professional-grade" fireworks. There's a reason people have to get licensed to shoot them off

  • If you want to save fireworks for next year, keep them in a place where children can't accidentally get ahold of them

Like I said, a lot of these things seem like common sense...but I never cease to be amazed by people. Have a safe and happy fourth!

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