Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 228 - Same Age Swim Classes

Today's first time parenting tip - Ask to be put in a swim class with babies of the same age

Swim classes are something every child should have. Even if you don't live around water or know anyone with a pool, swimming is an essential safety skill that's bound to come in handy at least once in their life. And isn't once enough.

When you do go to sign up for classes, ask to be put in with other children that are your baby's same age. While most classes are already grouped by age, the range can still make quite a big difference.

For instance, my son is in the same "infant" class as a friend and her baby. Hers is 18 months, mine is 8 months. In her class, all the kids are 18 months. In mine, all the babies are 8-12 months. Same class, but because of the age difference, they have us doing completely different things.

Don't be afraid to ask to be put in a class of babies with like ages. You can all learn at the same pace, and maybe he'll find a lifelong friend!

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