Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day 236 - Halloween Costumes

Today's first time parenting tip - Pick your baby's halloween costume with care

When you're picking out a costume for your baby's first halloween, you want to make sure it's not just cute, but also safe for them to go out in.

Since they'll be with you or another adult the whole time, having a brightly colored costume isn't absolutely essential, but probably a really good idea. That way if any baby's that can walk wander off, they'll be easily spotted.

Second, make sure the costume itself it baby safe. No buttons, small pieces of plastic that can rip off, plastic hair, etc. If your baby has lots of things hanging of his costume, he's probably going to want to grab at them. Don't give him anything he can eat.

Lastly, make sure the costume isn't too hot or too cold. My son is going as Yoda for halloween (Yes. I'm a Star Wars nerd. So what?) and the jedi robe is a pretty thick flannel material. So if its a little warm out, I don't want to give him a bunch of layers underneath it. As a rule of thumb, dress your baby as you normally would, with one less layer.

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