Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 233 - Under construction

Today's first time parenting tip - Send your baby away during construction

We're going to be fixing up our house in a week or so to get it ready to sell in the super-hot Michigan real-estate market (anyone want to buy it?) And we're sending our son away for the day.

Why, you may ask? We're doing some serious work, ripping up floors, counter-tops, drywall, etc. We could have him hang out in a room with a babysitter, but we're pretty much painting the whole house, and we don't want the fumes to get to him.

Whether or not all this will actually harm him is debatable, but since there's going to be eqipment, dust, paint and all sorts of nasty stuff for him to get into, we think its best if he just takes a road trip to grandma's.

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