Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 232 - Don't freak out over little bumps

Today's first time parenting tip - Don't get stressed and make a big deal over the little bumps

If your baby is crawling and pulling himself up, he's going to get battle scars and bumps. You can't avoid it, unless you pad every possible surface in your house with pillows.

Most of these little bumps and bruises are no big deal. And your baby won't think so either, unless he takes cues from your reaction and gets stressed. A frantic parent makes for a frantic baby, so be calm and help your baby become more secure in his environment.

When my son bumps his head, I ask him if he's "OK" and give him a couple pats to let him know that I'm there if he really is hurt. If I can tell he took a hard knock or he keeps crying, I'll pick him up and comfort him. Most of the time, he whines for a second or gets a funny look on his face. Then the cat distracts him and he's back to his happy-go-lucky self.

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