Sunday, October 08, 2006

Day 230 - Explore

Today's first time parenting tip - Let your baby roam free - while keeping a close eye on him of course

Since my son learned how to pull himself up, crawl and conquer stairs, I've noticed that he doesn't like playing in anything that restricts his movement for too long. Things like the exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up - he gets fussy after five or so minutes when he sees something else in the room that he wants.

Let your baby go around the house and find discover all sorts of new things. If he's crawling, you should have the house baby proofed, but its a good idea to monitor him to make sure he's not getting into trouble. My son's favorite spots in the house are the turned off TV (he likes seeing his reflection) and the dog bowls (reflective and water).

I've also found my son still likes the exersaucer, but he likes to stand free on it, not in the seat. I also play games with him around the house. I peek around objects and try to get him to come chase me, which he thinks is the best thing since sliced bread.

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