Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 237 - Your Halloween Costume

Today's first time parenting tip - Pick your own halloween costume with care

While you've probably paid lots of attention to your baby's costume, now it's time to pay a little attention to yours.

You'll definitely want a costume with bright or reflective cloth on it. That way cars will be able to easily see you and the baby you're with. You probably should have any "hangy" things on your costume either, since when you carry your baby they'll definitely be going for it.

Something else to think about is the character you're going as. If you're something scary and hideous, remember your baby won't be able to tell that its just you underneath a costume. They might get very, very upset. Or they could think you're the funniest looking axe murder victim on the face of the earth. It's your child, your call.

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