Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 113 - A Whole Lotta Love

Today's Tip - Teach your baby through affection

You want your baby to learn as they grow, but in the early months there's not really that much they can accomplish. Grabbing a stuffed animal or holding their head up is important, but isn't necessarily that much fun for you. Something that'll help your baby develop immensely and make you feel all warm and fuzzy while you're doing it is by giving affection.

Through affection, you teach your baby many things. And most importantly, you're raising a happy baby in a happy environment. And that's the best environment of all. Here's how your baby and you can learn through affection:

  • Capturing their interest and holding their attention with looks of love and smiles
  • Talking or cooing when you're interacting with them through sound or looks
  • Making sounds and motions with their mouth, arms, legs, or body in rhythm with your movements
  • Smiling back and forth with ear to ear grins
  • Staring at your face while you feed them or play with them (my favorite)
  • Relaxing when you hold or rock them
  • Sharing laughter
  • Strengthening their hands through touch and close contact

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